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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Customer Experience? What is it all About.

Why it is not so easy anymore?  I have a strong product. The best in the market. Why it is not selling? Business today are talking about relationship management, customer retention and customer satisfaction. Now, the talk is focused on customer experience. It is bigger, bolder and deeper. Experience? Where should we start and when can we stop? It is simply impossible. It is like going into an unknown territories. Yet, those brave businesses are  shouting that they are embracing this strategy. WOW.

Of course they need the consultants to tell them what they need to do first. I wonder what direction they will go. I bet they will go big. Big in a sense of multi-million dollars on investments.Yes, the system should change, the structure should change, the product  should be enhanced. The people should be changed. Opps, that is risky. All these changes, will they translate to profit? The answer is of course Yes or No. That is what consultant will tell you. With all the strategies laid out by them with "super" and "hyper" technologies. Nobody knows that it will turn out well. 

Why? Customer experience is a big word itself. It is .............

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ARABICA University Circle

It looks different as compare to 14 years ago. I hope it is the same ARABICA

ARABICA university circle was my favourite place back then. Often, I went there alone. I equipped with my note and books; pretending to be busy so that no one bother me. Actually, no one really care. One thing about American, they value privacy. There is something I miss sometimes. Coming back to ARABICA Coffee House, you just love the ambience. I wonder why I didn’t try variety of coffee there. I just go straight to mocha ice. Now, I wonder what I am missing. A self confess coffee lover, I believe I missed great opportunity sipping the delicious coffee there. As for the mocha, why it is special? I can’t give one single answer. Is it the perfect blend of coffee, chocolate and milk? Is the coffee itself so special or is it simply the environment that contributed to the satisfaction; or maybe the youth and innocence that affect the perception of the mocha. After all, it is the first mocha I drink in my life. Yes, mocha at ARABICA university circle is my first.

The best way to drink your mocha is to sip it slowly. A little bit at a time. Especially, it is an expensive drink for a student like me. I better savor the taste as slowly as possible. I guess that also make the difference. You need to take some time to appreciate the coffee/mocha. Ohhh I miss the moment and time. Can I go there again and have the same feeling and experience. I don’t know; maybe not. Can the mocha taste the same and give the same satisfaction. I don’t know. Now, with family, work and all you coffee drinking habit changing dramatically. You have to drink as fast as possible J

You can visit pure coffee blog to learn more about coffee.

I should tell you about my work at ALLAN MEDICAL LIBRARY. Yes, that’s how I get money to buy my mocha and of course travelling around US. I will tell all about that in my next posting.


MAS vs AirAsia: Are we family?

The merger of two rival Airlines recently marks a very critical milestone for Malaysia. MAS and Air Asia are famously known competing against each other in every way possible. The merger, although never anticipated by internal staff, is a logical solution towards the betterment of Malaysian aviation industry. How? Who will benefits the most? Who will get the bigger pie? MAS loyalists will definitely bite their tongue. Their heart must be wrenching to the point of screaming, WHAT IS THIS?  Are we losing? The thought of losing the game is unbearable. It is like somebody jeered you from behind; laughed at you face; kicked you on your stomach.
But to the business world, this is normal. Merger of big companies are the selected few solutions of the corporate transformers. Are they losing creativity?  What happen to the need of having competition? My answer is yes and no. 

Losing creativity, well, what do we expect? The merger and selling of asset is the most common speedy solutions for any business problem. The corporate doctor will come; check the “financial heart beat”.  Opps!  yes we need money. And the injection of fund will flow in. Just find the willing donor. In this case the new buddies “Air Asia”.
As for the merger of both rivals, in my opinion, it is timely. Yes, the corporate psychologist needs to smoothen the killing intention of both so-called “patients”. The killing instinct needs to be replaced with friendship and harmony. However, we must bear in mind, will the harmony environment create the same urgency as before. It is yet to be seen by all of us J
Competition is good; but sometimes in can tire the participants. It makes them lose the goal and end up aiming somewhere else. Some says there is bad competition and there is good competition. The two airlines should stop compete among each other and aims high.
Imagine, if we can fly as high as Singapore Airlines, MAS old rivals. Yes, MAS you are forgetting your rival next door. Start focusing to the right direction. Now you are given the right environment, support and opportunity to aim to high and far. Make us proud of you AGAIN.
To learn more about the merger please go to STAR ONLINE and BERNAMA.You can also read The EDGE.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Miss Cleveland

Those are the years that you remember the most. Those are the time that you cherished. When you're young and free of responsibility, that were the best time for everyone. I was there in Cleveland Ohio. I was 21. I studied Psychology and Economics at Case Western Reserve University. Where I got the money? Yep, I was sponsored by JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam). Thank you! government of Malaysia. Coming from lower band economic status, where else would I get the opportunity to study at USA private university. How lucky? I love Cleveland. I stayed there for 2 years. What can we found there?  MUSEUMS. Yes there are many museums there. Of course you must appreciate arts, antique and all to enjoy them. I try my best to value the arts especially. You don't want to miss it after you left the country. I spend my holidays and weekend visiting the museums.

I always "lepak" (spend time) at ARABICA. The mocha ice is the best, I have tested so far. It's true. Until now, I can't find the mocha that can "replicate" the taste. Ahhhh very refreshing, cold mocha. Sitting down on the wooden chair, looking out the window, taking a break from cold snowy winter. Excellent. Nothing to worry. Just read your notes, prepare the paper. Perfect moment. Yes ARABICA.

I will tell you more about the ARABICA university circle in the next posting.. See you soon

Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Started

ARGHHHH  it is hard, it is difficult and sometimes confusing. Yes I just started my blog. It is not as easy as what I thought. We need to read, we need to follow instructions, and we need to apply accordingly. Now the blog started. Hey, we need ideas. Where do I go from here.

I am thinking ......