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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Customer Experience? What is it all About.

Why it is not so easy anymore?  I have a strong product. The best in the market. Why it is not selling? Business today are talking about relationship management, customer retention and customer satisfaction. Now, the talk is focused on customer experience. It is bigger, bolder and deeper. Experience? Where should we start and when can we stop? It is simply impossible. It is like going into an unknown territories. Yet, those brave businesses are  shouting that they are embracing this strategy. WOW.

Of course they need the consultants to tell them what they need to do first. I wonder what direction they will go. I bet they will go big. Big in a sense of multi-million dollars on investments.Yes, the system should change, the structure should change, the product  should be enhanced. The people should be changed. Opps, that is risky. All these changes, will they translate to profit? The answer is of course Yes or No. That is what consultant will tell you. With all the strategies laid out by them with "super" and "hyper" technologies. Nobody knows that it will turn out well. 

Why? Customer experience is a big word itself. It is .............

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